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Privileged to be trained at the world’s premiere institutions including Harvard Business School, NTL Institute and Tavistock Institute, Faiez is considered an authority on management, behavioral, mind, relationship, success and spiritual sciences. In the last over 25-years of his career in Pakistan, Faiez has positively influenced the lives of millions of people and facilitated CHANGE in hundreds of organizations, in four continents. He is a best-selling author and a great influencer, motivator and a coach.
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Saadia IqbalThe i digestible bitter TrUth ! " its easoer to build STRONG children than to REPAIR broken men " Plz a loud call out to all parents to wake up , ppl u never know the damages your innocent flowers like kids are geting through the POISONoUS food , DEVIcES , SCHoOLing systems , killing thier own Alllahs blessed Qualities rather than building them up by recigniziabg at right time . How can u know your childs talents and creativity when in circadian rythms times , u just leave him / her insecured in strangers hands( in morning times when brain nerves are nourished in soil of Love and care which only real mother can give ) saying them to BUiLD him or her which he / she never really is from inside . And they PrETENd to become what they are not . Then they get sore throats , ear aches , tummy aches and you again take them to kill their immunities again by giving ARTIFICIAL medications without even letting thier own T cells to become active ! Killing and suppressing and them killing again . . . . Is this the SUPER BRANDED parenting you are doing ???? THINK for a moment for the Ammants you are given WALLAh ! Think once atleast ! Sit ! Remember these innocent Kids are Ur RIZQ ! And never ever the Paper money is ur RIZQ which you are thinking ! Allah promised to give thier RIZQ when he GaVe birth to a SOUL , do u DOUBT those promises ??? Yes i think a moment to ponder . . .

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April 30th is giving you an opportunity to nurture your child in the best form!
Call 03008470009/03334203000
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Where does it all begin?

A newly married couple wonders how to step up the ladder of trust amidst numerous stories of betrayal and infidelity. A young graduate struggles with the constant fear of rejection and failure, inevitably leading to the same, crippling his drive and creativity in the competitive professional world. A teenage girl questions her self-worth day in and day out, looking at herself in the mirror, craving for a word of encouragement or appreciation from anyone around. A grandmother sits alone in a house full of children and happiness, yet bounded down by depression into the depths of her self-made miseries. A new parent feels handicapped on the stage of his new role as a father, unable to become the role model he wished he had for himself. These recurring stories have become an unfortunate norm of this society. The only string tying all these realities together is an unhappy childhood. The matters of childhood, no matter where life takes a man, keep haunting us deep within our subconscious and surface in the form of fears, self-doubt and mistrust.

Gifting a secure, trusting, happy childhood to your child is not a temporary reward of a few years, but trickles down to decades and generations as dominos of positivity and strength. Despite the massive impact this piece of knowledge and understanding has on the betterment of the world and society at large, we continuously fail to acknowledge its significance and stay lost in the shackles of our own ignorance. 20 years down the road, we blame the negativity of people around us or the fierceness of the competition. The moment we sit down and look at ourselves in the mirror, we realize, the fault is in us. And when we trace it back, we realize, it began a long time ago, when our base wasn’t formed to withstand the storms of life.

(Verita teaches the art of living positively - contact 03334603000/ 03008470009)
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Where does it all begin?

A newly married couple wonders how to step up the ladder of trust amidst numerous... https://t.co/lNHGJPANqP

I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/5TsxCLOU9R

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The real purpose of education is to empower people and make them independent thinkers.

I've helped hundreds of clients, fixing institutions. But nothing gave me more happiness than helping to fix the institution of motherhood.

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