February 21, 2017

About Faiez

Faiez Hassan is a professional speaker, leading management consultant and an authority on the philosophy, practices, and psychology of CHANGE- an identity he has established through his consistent ability to help individuals, groups and organizations create their destinies. He is a great influencer, motivator and a coach for this generation. Highly respected as the nation’s foremost authority on the psychology of peak performance and personal, professional, and organizational turnarounds, a visionary, who introduced and has been doing pioneering work in both;

1) personal and
2) business arenas in Pakistan, since 1990.

On the personal side, he introduced the science and art of positive thinking and living; personal success and mastery; total wellness, spiritual healing, etc. On the business side, he is credited for introducing business process re-engineering; change and culture management; strategic management, ISO series of standards; as well as workplace spirituality in Pakistan.

His professional work (i.e. training, consulting, speaking, coaching, teaching, publications, audio and video programs), has influenced millions of people and hundreds of workplaces throughout the region. His pioneering work in this area paved the way for the formation of a whole new culture in the areas of personal effectiveness and mastery in Pakistan, and has inspired hundreds of new professionals, organizations and publications. His writings constitute an integral part of the personal development curriculum of several educational institutions throughout the country, and his work is consistently quoted in almost all the personal development activities going on in the country.

In the last about twenty-five years of his career in Pakistan, Faiez has successfully completed over 500 training and consulting assignments in a wide range of disciplines including participatory organization planning and change strategies, manpower and job analysis, organization and work redesign, strategic management, organizational effectiveness, leadership development, organizational culture transformation, developing learning organizations, restructuring, organizational development, business performance improvement, team building, management information systems, HR information systems, vision formulation, executive recruitment, reward and performance management, training of trainers, total quality, ISO 9000, and re-engineering, etc.

Moreover, Faiez has a privilege of designing and delivering over 10,000 hours of experience-based leadership and laboratory training in addition to facilitating hundreds of workshops. The training designed and delivered by Faiez include: personal effectiveness, psychology of peak performance, inter-personal and inter-group relations, interpersonal skills and speech communication, leadership development, strategic selling, sales psychology, corporate culture, managing change, ethics of change, sales development, ethical management, customer care, developing and delivering persuasive presentations, personal and corporate creativity, developing self-motivated teams, crafting the 21st century organizations, time and life mastery, teaming to win, positive thinking, emotional intelligence, persuading people over the phone, tele-marketing, practical spirituality, building self-reliant teams, managerial skills, changing arrogance into modesty, and training of trainers for different clients. He was an active member of the “Training of Training Professionals Program” of AED in Pakistan and was awarded the “Certificate of Recognition” by USAID for his outstanding contributions to the development of management training in Pakistan.

Faiez pioneers the professional and public speaking profession in Pakistan, and is the most-sought after speaker in the country with clients ranging from leading national and multinational companies to the Pakistan Army, Punjab Police, NGOs, educational institutions and hospitals. His experience includes addressing over a million people at various organizations and institutions in Pakistan and abroad. Faiez is known to the general public for his various personal development programs including “The Sixth Discipline”, “The Road to Success”, “Born Again”, “Change Your Lens, Change Your World”, “Together Forever” and, to the corporate Pakistan for his series of unique programs called “Change from the Inside Out”. These programs were developed personally by Faiez utilizing his research on the world’s best-practices in the areas: management, behavioral and mind sciences and spiritualism, and his own experience of interacting with people from virtually every socioeconomic category. In addition to these seminars, Faiez is regularly invited by the corporate Pakistan as well as by various organizations, non-profit bodies and educational institutions for presenting at various forums and events, including annual sales conferences, annual award distribution, new product launches, certification ceremonies, new change initiative launches, conferences, symposiums, etc.

Faiez is a graduate of internationally acclaimed SHRM Program of Harvard Business School. He has received his professional training from world-known National Training Laboratories (NTL) Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, USA and Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, England. Faiez is a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLPTM from Richard Bandler; a Certified Human Systems Development (HSD) Consultant and a Certified HSD Trainer from Academy of Educational Development, USA. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD), UK. In addition to holding an MA from Pakistan, and another MA degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, USA, Faiez believes on continuous professional development and to till now, has participated in countless training programs, conferences, symposiums and workshops throughout the world.

Faiez is a best-selling author of ten books translated in seven international languages and changing the lives of people in 27 countries. The secret of Faiez’s success is his burning passion, a principle-driven life and consistent commitment to “making the difference” by enhancing the quality of lives of individuals, groups, organizations and the society as a whole. He is a master at taking the complex action research and blending it into tested and proven tools, techniques and strategies that can be utilized by any individual or organization wanting to achieve measurable results. What began as a young person’s desire to help individuals transform the quality of their lives has grown into Faiez’s lifelong crusade as he is called on by leaders from every walk of life, including corporate managers, athletes, doctors, academicians, engineers, media personnel, entrepreneurs, service-men, housewives, and students. Over two decades of selfless service and commitment towards making the difference at all levels of society has earned him an unmatched respect, satisfaction and peace. He is born to make the difference…